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Why the next generation needs to see women thriving in singleness

I’m going to tell you a (not so) secret.


I never planned or wanted to write about singleness. I especially never wanted to experience singleness for so long that I have THIS MUCH to say about it.

But do you know why I’m grateful for it? Why I love it? Because blogs, books, resources, anything that made singleness seem ok, even pretty cool, didn’t exist when I was growing up, and I realize now how much I needed them.


I didn’t grow up seeing women thrive as adults in singleness.


Where I’m from, and especially in the Christian culture I grew up in, everyone was married in their early twenties. I literally didn’t know there was any other way.

No one was talking about living a thriving life in singleness. In fact, I’m not sure anyone was talking about singleness at all.

So man do I consider it a privilege to be a part of the people who are talking about it now, and you should too.


You may not have a blog or a “platform”, but you have a life that you can model for others.


We have the chance to show the women of the next generation the truth about singleness, of what it can be, of the possibilities that it holds.

Those young women don’t have to grow up with the attitudes and limiting beliefs that we had toward singleness. They can grow up knowing what’s possible for single women because of US. Do you see how freaking cool that is?

So whether I planned it or not, I say yes, yes, and HECK yes to being a part of changing the way the next generation thinks about singleness.

What about you? You in?


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Why the next generation needs to see women thriving in singleness | Singleness Quotes | Finding Purpose | Singleness Advice | lauraemichael.com


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