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A writer

To be honest (that’s the whole point here, right?) I put off starting this blog for a long time. I’ve always loved writing, and I certainly have always loved giving my opinion, just ask my friends, or anyone who has ever met me. But actually putting my writing out there scared me. I was afraid of public ridicule. I didn’t want to be told I wasn’t good enough at something I loved so much. And more than anything, I had never identified myself as “a writer”.

I haven’t been filling journals with poetry since I was ten, I never put “writer” down as what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I didn’t even start writing for pleasure until after college. Because of that, I didn’t think it was my place to proclaim myself a writer. As if it was a closed club you had to get into, at the very latest, by the time you graduated college.

So what changed? Well, I realized that when you spend all your time, even when you should be focused on other things (like, say, your job) thinking about the one thing you’d rather be doing, its probably time to listen up. I love to write. I love challenging people to see situations differently. And I love helping people by being transparent with my own life.

So here it is. Maybe I’ve never been “a writer” before, but succeed or fail, whether people make it through two sentences, or the end of every post, and whether I’m criticized or praised (ok, I may still be working on that one…), I’m a writer now. So here it goes…

Lets. do. this.


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